Partnership Opportunities

Western Veterinary Partners understands this is a once in a lifetime decision to transition your practice. We strive to make this an enjoyable experience by taking a tailored and flexible approach to meet all of your needs.

What is a Partnership

Western Veterinary Partners acquires and affiliates with leading veterinary practices and supports these partner practices with the non-clinical administrative business challenges they face by providing industry proven administrative support services.

  • For practice owners looking to monetize the value of their practice, we offer a flexible approach in structuring our acquisitions and affiliations. We work closely with each veterinarian to understand what is most important to them and to structure an acquisition or affiliation that best suits all constituents.

    Our partner veterinarian practices maintain their local identity and branding while retaining all clinical responsibility. Western Veterinary Partners will provide a team of experienced healthcare executives to support the business needs of partner veterinarians post transaction.

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on Partnership with WVP

Don’t Sell your Practice…. Partner your Practice
Honestly, I was not looking to sell my practice. I was happy with my practice and how it was going. Over the past couple years, I did have several corporate buyers look at my practice. Some of them made me an offer to purchase. I just did not have a good feeling about any of them and never sold to them. Then Western Veterinary Partners came along and I changed my mind. They didn’t just make me an offer, they catered the offer to my individual goals.

They made me an offer that checked all the boxes that I was looking for when I sold my practice. My staff and associates are important to me and they are taking care of them, better than I could-by staying independent. They are supporting me with the business aspects of the practice and providing resources I didn’t have before. My practice continues to function just as it did with one little change- It’s better. I have now partnered with a company that is truly a family not just a corporation. My family and staff are also happy that I partnered with Western Veterinary Partners. I would highly recommend you look at a partnership with WVP.

— Dr. Doug McInnis


After 30 years of practice ownership I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the WVP team made it to transition into a position that I could plan for the future of my practice. They allowed us to maintain the culture that my staff and clients have come to expect, yet they have been there as a partner when needed for administrative, legal and collaborative decisions.

— Dr. Kitzel Farrah

on Partnership with WVP

Teaming up with WVP was the easiest and best decision I could have made. When my managing partner needed to retire, I was concerned about finding a good fit within a corporation. This transition has been such a relief. I practice my medicine, my way and get all the administrative support I need. My clients are happy, they see no change at Purrfurably Cats, for them its business as usual! Thank you, WVP!

— Dr. Kathleen Marcus

on Partnership with WVP

In anticipation of retirement, I have been looking into selling my veterinary practice for several years. Therefore, I spent the last few years interviewing various groups who were looking to purchase practices. In late 2019 we were fortunate to meet some of the key players with Western Veterinary Partners over dinner.

Besides having a lot of fun bantering and joking back and forth, it quickly appeared that we were a good fit for each other. They were looking for practice owners with whom they could work/partner with and I was looking for a group who would work with me to maintain the integrity of my clients and staff I have developed over many years of building my practice.

A “Good Fit” is exactly how it turned out! By early 2020 the sale transaction happened and the transition to WVP ownership was fairly seamless. The business of caring for pets seemed to

have not changed at all. Of course, COVID hit in March of 2020 and personal as well as professional life changed for everyone. In terms of the veterinary practice, however, WVP was so great at supporting us in everything including supporting current staff, staffing/recruiting, and working with us through some of the COVID-19 restrictions/requirements we added to our policies and procedures.

I have found Western Veterinary Partners to be a group with integrity and transparency which has resulted in a very positive business experience. They have responded quickly to questions both before the sale date and afterwards. They jump in as needed as well as allow the practice to make independent decisions as needed. BEST: they do what they say they will do!

— Dr. David Specht


Teaming up with Western Veterinary Partners has been seamless and successful.  Our team has been treated with respect and compassion taking into account the uniqueness of each employee and our practice culture. Joining with Western Veterinary Partners has provided me the flexibility in my schedule to continue to develop my other businesses.

— Dr. Tammy L. Renteria