Frequently Asked Questions

We partner with veterinarians and their practices in a collaborative and straight forward manner in order to meet your unique needs. Read below to learn more.

  • How does your affiliation process work?
    There are multiple steps to the process. We typically start by executing a confidentiality agreement and exchanging relevant information which will allow us to better understand your practice. We spend significant time upfront getting to know you and your practice as this process helps us understand your unique situation and allows us to develop a transaction structure that fits your needs.

    How will clinical decisions be impacted?
    Clinical decisions will not be impacted. You will maintain clinical autonomy over your practice. Veterinarians will be provided the opportunity to benefit from sharing of best practices among affiliated practices.

    What should I expect to change following a transition?
    We work collaboratively with our partner veterinarians to help relieve the stresses of running and managing a practice on a day-to-day basis. Partner veterinarians are able to spend a greater amount of their time and attention on delivering exceptional clinical care while Western Veterinary Partners works to support the non-clinical activities that our partners need our help with.

    What type of practices do you partner with?
    We partner with practices of all size and would welcome a conversation with you to determine if your practice may be a fit with our organization.

    Are you interested in practices where the veterinarian is seeking near-term retirement and a full transition?
    Yes. We maintain a deep pipeline of talented veterinarians to be in a position to offer smooth transitions for veterinarians seeking retirement.